Ep 8 Adult Learning Principles

Episode 8 Adult Learning Principles LauraCreatesCourses.com

Adult learners are very different than K-12 learners. Our lives are full of more responsibility than most of us imagined we would have. That’s why we have to look at adult learners differently than younger learners.

This episode explores the seven adult learning principles and how you can address them in your online course creation. In no particular order:

  • Adults must want to learn
  • Adults will learn only what they feel they need to learn
  • Adult learning focuses on problem-solving
  • Adults learn by doing
  • Experience affects adult learning
  • Adults learn best in an informal situation
  • Adults want guidance and consideration as equal partners in the process

You can also watch this as a video or read the blog post.

The activity for this episode is to think about yourself as a learner. Can you find examples from your own learning experience that match with an adult learning principle or two? Jot down as many examples as you can think of.

Next, join the community conversation in the comments of the companion YouTube video. Share one of your examples and how it connects to one of the principles. I look forward to reading your example.