Ep 7 Spaced Learning

Laura Creates Courses Episode 7 Spaced Learning. Design and Develop Effective Online Courses. LauraCreatesCourses.com

Spaced learning is a learning strategy that takes advantage of how the brain works. As a course designer, you can take advantage of spaced learning to help your students retain what they learned.

The activity for this episode is to think about your course and design two different spaced learning activities that you might use in it. You may not end up using these at all, but this is good practice and we know how important practice is. Design the activities and reflect on why this activity would help students.

When you’re done, choose the one that you either want most feedback on or the one that you really liked the most and post it and your reflection in the comments beneath Ep 7 Spaced Learning video.

I want you to read what others wrote as well because that’s going to help you gain insight into other how course creators think and it may inspire you. I look forward to reading what you wrote and contributing myself.