Ep 6 Blogs

Episode 6 Blogs

Can blogging create community in an online course? The short answer is yes, if you design it that way. This episode looks at ways to use blogging in an online course as both a learning activity and a way to build community between your students.

The activity for this episode is to brainstorm as many blogging activities or topics you can think of for your online course. Can you hit 50? They are not all going to be good, but there will be some gems in there if you dig deep.

Choose one of your activity ideas and post it in the comments with a brief explanation of why you chose it. Be sure to read and contribute to the conversation!

You can read the companion blog post at https://lauravcoulter.com/can-blogging-create-community-in-an-online-course

If you prefer this in video version you can find it here: https://youtu.be/BPO1Cr1r8u0