Ep 12 Reflecting for Meaning [Designing an Online Course]

Ep 12 Reflecting for Learning

Reflection is making meaning of our experiences. It allows students to review their understanding, make connections, and draw conclusions about what they learned and how it applies to them. That’s big stuff. 

In this episode, we look at ways to bring reflection into an online course. 

The activity for this episode is to brainstorm five reflection questions that you might insert into your course. The first three are going to be the hardest to come up with but you should be able to flow after that. Feel free to brainstorm more than five. 

Then post two of your reflection questions in the comments of the video. Be sure to give us context so that we can give good feedback. Read the other responses and provide feedback as needed.

You can watch this episode as a video, if you prefer.  Or read it as a blog post

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