Ep 11 Generating Your Own Answers [Designing an Online Course]

Episode 11 Generating Your Own Answers

Generating your own answers to questions is much more powerful than selecting an answer from a list. It engages your brain differently. Take advantage of how the brain works.  This episode gives some examples of how use this design strategy in your online course.

The activity for this episode is to think about your course. If you already have a course and have a multiple-choice question in it, re-work it so that students generate their own answer rather than choosing one of your options. If you don’t yet have a course developed, think about a topic you are going to cover and write three potential questions that you could use to help students generate their own answers from the learning.

Then share one open-ended question in the comments. Be sure to give us context for the question. That will help us give the right feedback. Please read and respond to other comments as you see a need. I look forward to reading your responses. 

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